Rwandan made yoghurts & jams

Ishyo Foods produce locally made jams and yoghurts using real fruit from smallholder Rwandan farmers, and small, local dairies.

Try our signature tree tomato jam today.

We also make jams using local strawberries, pineapple, mango, and papaya.

Local fruit jams

Ishyo kinyomoro tree tomato jam Rwanda
Ishyo kinyomoro / tree tomato jam

Tree tomato, also known as tamarillo or kinyomoro, is Rwanda’s signature fruit. It is a lovely, bright red, oval-shaped fruit with a unique sweet and sour taste. Our tree tomato jam has a pleasantly seedy pulp that is wonderfully high in pectin.

Ishyo strawberry jam Rwanda
Ishyo strawberry jam

The soil and climate in northern Rwanda are perfect for growing sweet, delicious strawberries. Our strawberry jam is made with 100% real strawberries. A refreshing burst of sweet, flavourful fruit.

Ishyo pineapple jam Rwanda
Ishyo pineapple jam

This jam is made with ripe pineapples from eastern and northern Rwanda. This vibrant tropical fruit is a perfect balance of sweet and sour. Enjoy the taste of real pineapple with every spoon.

Where to buy Ishyo jams

Buy Ishyo jams at Sawa citi supermarket Rwanda
Buy Ishyo jams at Carrefour Dubai

Real fruit yoghurt

Ishyo Premium
Pineapple Yoghurt
The ultimate pineapple yoghurt experience, with real fruit. The fruit pieces are gently folded into our creamy yogurt to make a delicious dessert, popular with children and grownups alike.
Ishyo Premium
Mango Yoghurt

Did you know that mango is the #1 favourite fruit? Try our mango fruit yogurt and experience its distinctive sweet taste. Real pieces of mango with our famous yogurt… Talk about heaven on Earth.

Ishyo Strawberry
Flavored Yoghurt

This sweet treat combines thick, creamy yogurt with our indulgent strawberry flavour. In a word, delicious!

Ishyo Vanilla
Flavored Yoghurt

A real favourite, our vanilla yogurt is creamy and sweet. A tasty treat by itself, or drizzled over pastries and fruit salad.

Ishyo Greek
Indulge in the creamy delight of Greek yogurt, crafted from locally-sourced milk. Each spoonful offers a tantalizing blend of tangy richness and smooth texture. Savor the harmonious fusion of traditional Greek yogurt made fresh in Kigali, Rwanda.

Probiotic Drinkable Yoghurt

Ishyo Premium Probiotic
Yoghurt Drink Blueberry
Revitalize your body and enhance your well-being with Ishyo’s probiotic blueberry drink. Bursting with the sweetness of locally-sourced blueberries, each sip offers a refreshing blend of flavor and a sense of wellbeing. Embrace the goodness of Rwandan ingredients as Ishyo’s drink provides a delicious way to support your immune system.
Ishyo Premium Probiotic
Yoghurt Drink Raspberry
Elevate your wellness routine with Ishyo’s probiotic raspberry drink, formulated to help bolster immunity. Bursting with the vibrant flavor of sun-ripened raspberries, each sip delivers a refreshing and nourishing experience. Embrace the essence of Rwandan goodness in every bottle.
Ishyo Premium Probiotic
Yoghurt Drink Vanilla
Enjoy vanilla probiotic yogurt drink, crafted to help boost immunity. Infused with the delicate essence of vanilla, each sip offers a harmonious blend of flavor and health benefits. Embrace the nourishing power of Rwandan ingredients, revitalizing your body while delighting your senses with every sip.


To get the best from your Ishyo jams and yoghurts, see our storage best practices:

• Keep your unopened jam in a cupboard or dark, cool place until opened
• Jam needs to be refrigerated after opening and away from sunlight
• Yoghurt needs to be refrigerated between 4-8 degrees C and away from sunlight
• Our yoghurt is best consumed 5-7 days after opening, if kept in the fridge