Quality local fruit yoghurt & jams,
made in Rwanda

Ishyo Foods is a Rwandan food and dairy company that produces quality, locally made jams and yoghurt, using real fruit.

We are one of the very few local companies making jams and fruit yoghurts in Rwanda.

Many people in the Rwandan capital of Kigali are looking for high-quality food products that are also affordable and made locally. Currently, most of these foods are imported from Europe or Asia and are very costly. Jams and fruit yoghurts are overpriced in supermarkets in and around Kigali.

Why buy an expensive, imported jam when you can buy a high-quality local jam? And from a company one that supports local businesses, workers, and farmers?

Ishyo Foods’ quality, local jams and fruit yoghurts are the answer. We meet our customers’ needs.

Our premium jams and yoghurts are made from fresh local produce grown in smallholder farms and dairies in northern and eastern Rwanda.

Buying from independent, locally owned businesses helps to keep money in our local economy, which ultimately, benefits our whole community.

Buying local is a sustainable choice.

“Our vision is to produce jams and fruit yoghurts that are high quality but also affordable to all Rwandans.”

Sharon Akanyana, Founder and Managing Director, Ishyo Foods

Ishyo farmers

Our farmers are a valued and essential part of Ishyo Foods. They work hard to produce exceptional quality fruit. We believe in investing in our farmers through training and paying real living wages.

Through sustainable and reliable incomes that value their work and produce, we play a small role in breaking the cycle of poverty for Rwandan fruit farmers and their communities.

Ishyo Foods currently produces tree tomato jam (tamarillo or ikinyomoro), strawberry jam, and pineapple jam, plus a range of freshly made yoghurts.

All our products are available in supermarkets and cafes in Rwandaat affordable prices and are suitable for the whole family. We currently sell to the domestic Rwandan market but are upscaling to regional and international markets.

Our Values

• Ensure consistency in every jar and cup
• Support the “Made in Rwanda” campaign
•  Ensure quality and affordability
• Work with and empower smallholder farmers
•  Help create a brighter future for all Rwandans

Quality local jams and fruit yoghurt, made in Rwanda

We have grown quickly as more people appreciate the quality, taste, and affordability of our jams and yoghurts. All easily accessible at cafes and supermarkets right here in Rwanda.

Ishyo Foods is now on track to produce more than 30,000 jars of jam and 100,000 litres of yoghurt per year.

We are proud to be an up-and-coming local agribusiness. We have plans in motion for new product lines, and upscaling Ishyo Foods.