Contact Ishyo Foods – locally made real fruit yoghurts & jams

Contact Ishyo Foods today. We’re a Rwandan food and dairy company that produces high-quality, locally made jams and yoghurts, using real fruit.

We are one of the very few local companies making jams and fruit yoghurts in Rwanda.

Many people in the Rwandan capital of Kigali are looking for good quality and tasty food products and most of these foods are imported from Europe or Asia and are very costly. 

Our customers value high-quality food products that are also affordable and made locally. Ishyo Foods can meet that need. Our premium jams and yoghurts are made fresh from local produce grown in smallholder farms in northern and eastern Rwanda.

Our farmers are a valued and essential part of Ishyo Foods. We invest in our farmers through training and by paying real living wages.

Through sustainable and reliable incomes that value their work and produce, we play a small role in breaking the cycle of poverty for Rwandan fruit farmers and their communities.

Ishyo Foods currently produces tree tomato jam (tamarillo or kinyomoro), strawberry jam, and pineapple jam, plus a range of freshly made yoghurts. All our products are available in supermarkets and cafes in Rwanda at affordable prices and are suitable for the whole family.

Contact Ishyo Foods. We’re growing rapidly and expanding our customer base. We’d love to hear from you.  

Our values

Ensure we deliver what we promise

Deliver real time, proactive communications

Create long term relationships with our clients and business partners

Improve the lives of our farmers through real living wages

Phone: +250 788 759 097
Address: Kigali, Gasabo, Bumbogo, Ngara, Birembo