Sustainable farming in Rwanda

Ishyo Foods is committed to sustainability in our business model, agricultural practices, and most importantly, through sustainable farming. This provides reliable incomes for our farmers to live and work with dignity.

All our jams and yoghurts are made locally using fresh Rwandan produce. We use a sustainable food source and hire local workers.
Our packaging, branding, and transport all comes from local providers.

Sustainability is about providing a long-term, reliable and self-perpetuating approach. Ishyo is passionate about providing a sustainable solution to the shortage of high quality, locally made food products.

Why buy an expensive, imported product when a local alternative exists?

We buy small batches of high quality fresh produce from our smallholder Rwandan farmers. Their income is entirely dependent on their farms. We value the role they play in Ishyo Foods.

That’s why we pay a real living wage for their premium fruit. This means our farmers earn reliable and sustainable incomes that help to break the cycle of poverty in many rural Rwandan families.

By purchasing from a local, independent business like Ishyo Foods, you help keep our local economy strong and self-sufficient.

Sustainable livelihoods for Rwandan farmers

We source all our fresh ingredients from local dairies, and smallholder fruit farmers in beautiful northern and eastern Rwanda.

Here, we get our fresh milk, strawberries, tree tomatoes, pineapples, mangoes, and papayas for our jams, marmalade, and fruit yoghurts.

All our Rwandan farmers use best agricultural practices and sustainable farming methods. This includes pruning tree tomatoes and mango trees and recycling green waste for mulching.

These traditional, organic Rwandan farming methods help reduce the need for fertilisers.

When you buy and partner with Ishyo Foods, you are helping to make a very real difference in the lives of Rwandan farmers.